Showing Tips from Stacey Martin and Kristin Turpin of The Parkway Group of KW
Congratulations! Your home is on the market and you are ready to sell! Here are some helpful tips you should do before showing your home to potential buyers.

Showing Tips
 You should consider leaving the home during showings. Buyers find it awkward viewing homes when sellers are present, and find it more difficult to picture themselves living there when the see the homeowners there. They will typically spend less time in the home when homeowners are present.
 Turn on all lights.
 Open all drapes/blinds/shades.
 Remove pets from the home. If removing pets are not possible, make sure they are secure.
 Clean flooring and rugs.
 Neutralize odors.
 Wipe down any surfaces people may touch, and lightswitch covers.
 Remove personal items such as family photographs, children’s artwork, memorabilia.
 Remove or lock up any and all valuables and medications.
 Place Home Brochures out for potential buyers before showings.

 Close toilet lids. A full roll of toilet paper is more pleasantly visual.
 Put out fresh linens.
 Put away any personal items ie toothbrushes. Empty wastebaskets.
 Many buyers will look inside tubs and showers.

 Empty wastebaskets.
 Remove as many items from the countertops as possible.
 Be aware that many potential buyers may open cupboards and refrigerators.

 Make beds. Fluff pillows.
 Put away personal items and medications.

Living areas
 Fluff throw pillows and fold throw blankets.
 Organize items such as remote controls, coasters, publications.

 Welcome visitors with an inviting front porch.
 Keep porch lights on in the evenings.
 Pick up any trip hazards, cabling, hoses, and cords.
 Keep lawn mowed. Remove weeds.
 Pick up after pets.

Showings are typically scheduled within a 30 minute to 1 hour window.  Expect that potential buyers will arrive within that time but keep in mind that they often arrive early or late so it's a good idea to plan to be ready 15 minutes prior and return home 15 minutes after. 

Also remember, for safety reasons it is never a good idea to let people into your home who do not have a scheduled appointment through your REALTOR®.